In 1987, the company’s core business was the design, manufacturing and commercialization of generic and custom bungee towers, bungee cords, and bungee-related equipment as well as providing bungee training courses for startups. The company was the first commercial Bungee jumping operator in North America, and has since safely jumped over 45,000 customers. Gravity Works, Inc. was instrumental in helping numerous states write safety standards, and participated as experts in many legal situations. For many years Gravity Works, Inc. has provided safe bungee jumping equipment and supplies all over the world.

Gravity Works has acquired such strong recognition within the extreme amusement industry that companies such as Reebok, GMC among others have partnered with it in the production of commercials. In 1990, the company aided in the production of the acclaimed and controversial Reebok commercial then Bungee jumped a GMC Jimmy 650' for the highly successful 1992 General Motors advertising campaign. Since then, stunt engineering for other projects have been completed including Subway Sandwiches, Mountain Dew, American Gladiators and Tostitos, with many more projects on-line. The company also has been called to participate in Hollywood productions, prove of this is the movie “The Specialist” starred by Sylvester Stallone. The movie featured a bungee jump from a Hydro-Dam, where the bungee was digitally erased from the film (with a computer) to make it look like a high-fall.

In February of 1993, Bungee Adventures Inc was proud to introduce its invention - THE EJECTION SEAT! CNN, USA Today and Paul Harvey were just a few of the media which broadcast the event worldwide! Since then, 24 of the "reverse-bungee slingshot" units have entered the market and have performed perfectly for over 250,000 customers at nearly 100 major sites and events.

In 1995, Bungee Adventures, Inc. continued expansion with permanent Ejection Seats operations at theme parks in the United States. As a reflection of transition from a bungee company to a major manufacturer of high-quality thrill rides, it was time that Bungee Adventures changed its name to Gravity Works, Incorporated. This year the company found itself with two staff engineers (one educated at Stanford and the other at Cal Poly) and additional full and part time employees which build and support the Ejection Seats. Having outgrown the building they had occupied for nearly 7 years the company moved into the new modern manufacturing facility on Yuba Drive in Mountain View, California.

In early 1996, a decision was made to embark on the company's most ambitious project to date... To design and manufacture the tallest, fastest, portable amusement ride ever built- the SKYSCRAPER. What has resulted from the new Gravity Works, Inc. is a ride that resembles an immense, two-bladed windmill or a giant airplane propeller.

International expansion continued when in 1997, Gravity Works was proud to be part of the 1997 Florida State Fair, by installing and operating the first Skyscraper ever at a Fair event. The new invention had a tremendous response from the press and the public! Right after, its debut, The ride completed operations at Spring Break in Panama City Beach, FL. and started operating on the California Fair Circuit and other AB. "Top 50" Fairs and events. Permanent Skyscraper units were installed in 1997 and early 1998. Up to date, over 15 skyscrapers have been installed worldwide.

Between 1998 and 2001, Others featured products were developed by the company including THE RIPRIDE or cable slide, THE CATAPULT, an extreme ride that allows riders to be shot 80 ft (24m) upwards at a 70 degree angle while secured to two bungee cords with harness system. THE EXTREME MACHINE and THE THUNDERDOME have been the most innovative extreme rides to date anywhere, these designs combines all of the most extreme participatory sports in the world.

In 2002, Matt Lawrence, a successful Ottawa entrepreneur who has extensive experience in the amusement/ Leisure Industry decide to acquire the company moving its head office to Canadian land. Under Mr. Lawrence management, Gravity Works keeps growing in a fast pace. Up to date, Gravity Works has successfully engineered and produced rides for a multitude of unique commercial venues worldwide. Gravity Works products have proven such a success that they are making the difference in today's competitive amusement market.


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