Gravity Works, specializes in the design and manufacturing of extreme amusement rides. Gravity Works owns several patents for its amusement rides, and ideas. Some of Gravity Works’ innovations include the Ejection Seat, the Skyscraper, the RIPRIDE® cable slide, the Extreme Machine ™ multi-activity tower, and the Thunderdome ™ multi-activity tower. These rides can also be customized to meet your specific requirements, restrictions or regulations.

Gravity Works has official distributors in Korea, China, North America, and Europe, and an extensive, international list of satisfied clients in 21 countries. More that 50% of our business comes from extreme amusement parks and Leisure Facilities worldwide.

If you have a custom application, please call us for a quote or email us and we will cooperate with you to create your own design or modify one of our existing designs in order to fulfill your needs.

Gravity Works, Inc formerly Bungee Adventures has been providing cutting edge thrill rides to the world. Initially located in Mountain View, Gravity Works Inc. has expanded to its current location in Ottawa (Canada).

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